The Case of Bradley Ennis Essay

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The Case of Bradley EnnisThe Case of Bradley Ennis The Ennis and All Saints’ Hospital case discusses the dismissal of Bradley Ennis from the hospital for excessive absenteeism (17.5 percent versus a hospital average of 7 percent). The grievant, Bradley Ennis, was employed as a trauma nurse from May 1, 1991 to December 3, 2008. For a 16 year period, up to January 2008, Mr. Ennis’ work performance was rated satisfactory (2 on a scale of 3) for most years and superior (3 on a scale of 3) for his last three years by his employer. In fact, during this 16 year period there were no complaints regarding the quality and accuracy of the employee’s work. As well, over the course of his employment, Mr. Ennis maintained his certification as a…show more content…
Agreed upon by the management of the hospital, situations like this were to be dealt with using the concept of progressive discipline, which is similar to having 3 strikes. It would be a method to ensure that Ennis, as well as a union representative, are aware of the disciplinary action that could ensue if Ennis continued his poor performance. It was agreed that verbal counseling would be the first step prior to any other disciplinary actions. If the employee does not improve their performance, the normal progression of discipline will be followed through (Hebdon & Brown, 2008). Ennis’ actions lead management through the entire progression of discipline, and by the end, after the second written warning, gave them no other choice but to discharge him from his position. This is a major factor in why management have ‘just cause’ for terminating Bradley Ennis from his position here at All Saint’s Hospital, because both the union and the hospital agreed upon these terms. Management feels that Mr. Ennis does not show any reason to be an exception to these terms. Management feels that they did not treat Ennis with unfair or unjust discipline, and due to his action we feel the final step of termination was the only option. There are a number of commonly accepted rules to whether an employer has used ‘just cause’ in the cases of discipline and discharge. Management feels that there is without question just cause in this case. According to the textbook chapter 9

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