The Case of Contamination by Kwane Anthony Appiah Essay

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"The case of contamination" by Kwane Anthony Appiah, analysis in ways in which the world is becoming globalized and contaminated. The article began with a description of a scene in which Ashanti, (the king) was in a ceremony in Kumani and before the king arrived, people were talking in their phones, and others were expressing their ideas on educations, science, technology and other related world issues. Even too many people’s surprise: The king happily announced that he will also be meeting with the head of the World Bank. With all of these, there's only two sides to choose from: those who agree with globalization and those who don’t agree with globalization. Weather people agree with globalization on or not, the truth of the matter is…show more content…
The influence of Cosmopolitans do acknowledge the fact that many people believe that their culture is being threaten by competition due to worldwide economy. Appiah uses as an example how Asantes farmers have been able to sustain their lives because of cocoa trees and they fear that if there were a downfall due to globalization as it did in the past, then they will have to find another way of sustaining their lives and that might be challenging for these people just as it might be an upbringing to others- as I stated before there are many pros and cons to this idea, just as globalization might bring out many opportunities to many communities, along the way many sacrifices will have to be implemented.
Appiah also describe how relationships though the world are changing. He states that an example on how his when his father was young, a person of the village would take on an farm that their village chief would give them and him and his brother would work in the farm and provide for his family with clothes, food and shelter. Everything from marriages to funerals were taken care off for generations to come but due to gas prices being so high, the transportation of the crops are highly expensive. Also, the young people are being exposed to other cultures and are beginning leave their villages to other places. As much as it would be good for them for their villages to stay connected and

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