The Case of Elecdyne

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1. Introduction The ability of firms to secure their market position is considered as vital for their survival. In practice, it has been proved that firms that have faced severe challenges have managed to recover using appropriately customized strategic options. The potentials of small Japanese firm, Elecdyne a small size firm that operates in the electronics industry in Japan to stabilize its performance through internationalization is explored in this paper. Three countries have been reviewed as of their appropriateness to support the firm’s specific initiative: USA, China and Australia. At the same time, a SWOT analysis and a PEST analysis have been employed for revealing the potentials of the organization to improve its performance…show more content…
Of course, the influence of the recent recession on the particular industry has been severe, as also in all industries worldwide. Still, it seems that the potentials of the particular industry to face market pressures are important, even if not all parts of this industry has presented signs of growth (QFinance 2012). The above facts are critical when having to evaluate the potential prospects of Elecdyne’s internationalization process. In case that the firm had tried to expand but in different environmental conditions, meaning the trends in the global market, then its efforts would be led to a failure. Under current market trends, that are characterized by the slow but continuous growth of the electronics industry around the world, the specific initiative of the organization can be characterized as fully justified. 3. Choices for Company 3.1 Brief Justification of 3 countries to compare with Japan Three countries of different characteristics have been chosen as target markets. The choice of these countries has been based on their market characteristics but also on their geographical position. China has been one of the most powerful markets in the context of the international community. The particular country has attracted firms by almost all countries, as a result of the prospects that the Chinese market offers in terms of long term growth. Moreover, China is located near to Japan, a fact that would be taken

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