The Case of Klity Creek in Thailand

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Klity creek needs to be rehabilitate due to the water had contaminated by lead. Water contaminated can causes by the lack of the enforcement of the laws. People not obey the laws and tend to ignore it. They see the laws as unimportant rules to follow. That is why corruption still playing a role in our society. In the term of klity creek they must be someone to check the standard of the company that located near the creek, but because of the corruption that still happen make the company offer a bribe and then they can do whatever they want. This will leads them to do something that against the laws, which is expose chemicals (especially lead) into the creek. This is lead to destroy of the important sources.This was made local people live in the difficulty because water source is one of the most important to them. For the local people, they need to use water to consume, cook and so much more. Therefore, it is convenience for them to get water from the nearest source, but the lead mining company is the reason why local people cannot use their sources anymore. Hence, the company should be responsible for the pollution they are caused, it is against the pollution prevention act and it only benefit the company. The company should be responsible for the pollution since people have the right to live in a safe environment. Klity creek is unsafe because of the lead mining company, releasing chemical to the creek and has made water contaminated. This affects

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