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Team case #1: The Case of Mismanaged Ms.
1. Within this corporation, there are multiple signs that suggest possible employment discrimination.
· Only 20% of the employees at Triton are women. Additionally, Triton only has two mid- level managers that are women, with no women being represented at the top executive level.
· Ed admitted that he chose Dick over Ruth because Dick is a man, and thought that he could better relate to clients, as they tend to be men in the factory setting. o Dick and Ruth are relatively equal on qualifications for the job, yet, Ed told Barbara that women are less reliable at higher levels because they can get pregnant, or leave their job to follow their husband based on his job/career.
· It appears that
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o Needs to layout formally what the expectations and specifics of the program will be.
· Functional/line manager (Ed) o Often responsible for final hiring decisions. Need to be aware of how they are making their decisions and know if they are conforming to the affirmative action plan.
3. Ruth’s reaction to the situation is amplified by the company’s corporate culture. The following are norms that tend to go around the office:
· Calendars in the backroom makes Ruth feel uncomfortable, assuming it’s a “Sports Illustrated” type of calendar.
· There is a culture that says Triton is a “man’s world.” o Male employees drink and play squash together, and exclude Ruth from their activities o Ed makes remarks on how she dresses that are perceived as offensive, and refers to her as “honey” o People believe that the factory setting is more of a place for a man. In management meetings, people get confused as to why she is speaking because they assume that she is just a secretary. o Top down decision making from male executives who decide who gets promotional opportunities
· Promotions are not formally posted, they get spread by word of mouth.

4. The initial burden of proof would lie with Ruth. It will be her responsibility to show prima facie that there is evidence of discrimination against women at Triton. If she can do

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