The Case of Rosa Lee

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The Case of Rosa Lee Neal DenDulk Liberty University The Case of Rosa Lee Case Study Name: Rosa Lee Cunningham DOB/Age: 52 Dates of Interviews: 10/07/1994 Evaluator: Neal DenDulk REASON FOR ASSESSMENT: Rosa Lee Cunningham is a 52 year old African-American single mother of eight, who is a long time heroin addict, and has an extensive criminal record. Of her eight children six of them have followed her in her life of addiction and crime. These crimes include everything from petty theft, to prostitution, to drug trafficking. Rosa Lee has recently showed up at the Howard University Hospital emergency room because her body is trying to shut down due to her heroin addiction, and she has Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The staff in…show more content…
She currently lives in subsidized housing with two of her children and her grandchildren. Rosa Lee attended Mount Joy Baptist Church as a child, and recently she and two of her grandchildren were baptized. Other than this, I do not believe that she spent much time during her life attending much church since she never mentioned much more about any type of spirituality. Rosa Lee’s support system is her children and grandchildren who depend on her more then she depends on them. Because of this, Rosa Lee really has no support system. CURRENT STATUS: Currently Rosa Lee starts her day around 5:30, when her methadone wears off. She cleans herself up, wakes up her grand children to go to school before the methadone clinic opens at 7:30. Then she goes and gets her methadone. After this she might go shoplift, or petal heroin, depending what might be going on during that day. Rosa Lee has taught all of her children and grand children to shoplift. It appears that shoplifting has become a way of survival for her and her family. If Rosa Lee is sick she will still try to get up and go get her methadone but then she will go home and go back to bed. Many times those who are supposed to be her support are in more need of support from her. Rosa Lee is on several different medications for seizures and for her full blown AIDS. Not long ago she was admitted into the hospital for taking too much of one of her medications. This is due to
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