The Case of Sally with Adlerian Therapy Essay

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The Case of Sally and Mid-Life Transition: An Adlerian Perspective in Therapy

Title: The Case of Sally: An Adlerian Perspective in Therapy


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Subject Terms: Psychology; Adler; Adlerian

Abstract: Examines the counseling case of Sally in perspective of an Adlerian view. Sally’s somatic complaints and mistaken beliefs allows Adlerian technique to help her to experience a full life including career and social connections. Adlerian assumptions: Interpreting Sally’s record; Effect of Sally’s Birth order; Tasks for the counselor.
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Sally’s predominant reason for coming to counseling is to alleviate a number of somatic complaints such as panic, anxiety, and
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Sally has not worked through friendships, she has contributed to society by raising her children but that role is coming to a close and she has not fulfilled her task to become a teacher, and she is in a marriage but she’s not experiencing intimacy. So all three universal tasks are not developed and an Adlerian would be concerned with all three areas.

According to Corey (2009) there are four processes in Adlerian psychotherapy: a) forming a relationship (b) investigating the client’s life style through assessment and interviews both subjective and objective, (c) interpreting the data to the client and (d) helping the client to reorient towards a more prosocial stance by modifying certain convictions held by the client that aren’t helpful and promoting courage, optimism and finding meaning in life.

Another area of focus would be Sally’s early recollections and especially her being the oldest child and how she feels affected by that. First born children tend to be rule bound, dependable, hard-working and take on a pseudo-parenting role. Because of her birth order, Sally is most likely resistant to new ideas and has a habit of being right thing oriented. Sally could talk about her feelings about being an oldest and the pressure involved.
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