The Case of Shylock vs. Antonio in 'The Merchant of Venice'

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Case Shylock vs. Antonio in "The Merchant of Venice" William Shakespeare's tragic comedy "The Merchant of Venice" is recognized for the complex concepts that it puts across, considering that it relates to a wide range of fields. The English poet and playwright is also known to have incorporated a great deal of concepts into his plays with the purpose of appealing to an educated public. "The Merchant of Venice" is clearly legal in nature, considering the numerous law references present in the text. It is very likely that the play generated much controversy among law scholars from around the world. The dispute between Shylock and Antonio represents one of the most intriguing sections of the play and it certainly stands as an interesting legal case. While Shakespeare proposes arbitration as one of the most effective methods of resolving the conflict, it is probable that negotiation would have generated better results when considering matters from a logical point of view. The character of Shylock is certainly not one of the fairest individuals, but he considers that contracts are one of the most important factors assisting society in being organized. The fact that he is a Jew makes it difficult for him to conduct his daily activities without being persecuted and he is determined to have his oppressors pay for what they do. Although one might be inclined to believe that he takes things too far by asking for a pound of Antonio's flesh as payback providing that he is unable to
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