The Case of Stan - Essay

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Running head: The case of Stan


The Case of Stan
Jonathan C. Bruntjen
Adler Graduate School

Running head: The case of Stan


The Case of Stan
Stan, the client, has decided to take advantage of free counseling services, which are provided, to him, as a service from his college. In his initial interview, Stan begins by expressing dissatisfaction in multiple areas of his life and details his personal problems throughout a brief but very detailed narrative of his past and present life. Stan feels discouraged by the multitude of problems detailed below which included a failed marriage, which didn’t last long, ending in divorce. He mentions that they rarely had sex and states that he was impotent most of the time. Furthermore, he tells us
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As I’ve explained above, Stan is very anxious around people and women in particular, afraid, especially in social settings and talks about these fears in detail.
According to the DSM-IV-TR; adults with Social Phobia often recognize that the fear is excessive or unreasonable. Common associated features of Social Phobia include hypersensitivity to criticism, negative evaluation, or rejection; all of which Stan talks about in relation to his family of origin, his ex-wife, himself and his feelings around women. According to the DSM-IV-TR people with Generalized Social Phobia have difficulty being assertive, low self-esteem or feelings of inferiority. Stan tells us that, “he wants to feel equal with others and not always have to feel apologetic for his existence” he also states that, “I’m not much of a man. I’m afraid I can’t measure up to what they expect of a man—you always have to be so strong, and tough, and perfect.
Criteria A in the DSM-IV-TR states, “Exposure to the social or performance situation almost invariably provokes an immediate anxiety response”, Stan tells us that he
“feels cold, sweaty, and very uptight around women” which is

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