The Case of the Missing Time Essay

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The Case of the Missing Time Good time management is essential to handle a heavy workload without excessive stress. For a manager, time management helps reduce long-term stress by giving the manager direction when he or she has too much work to do. The manager will then, have the control of how tasks will be completed at work. In addition, having control allows managers to increase their productivity. In the Case of the Missing Time, Chet Craig, manager of the Norris Company’s Central Plant, deals with work overload and finds it difficult to complete many of the important tasks at work. He begins his morning by stating, “this is going to be the day to really get things done.” Yet, in spite of his intentions to accomplish the projects…show more content…
Clearly, Craig does not distinguish between what is important versus what is urgent. Important matters produce desired results, while urgent matters only demand immediate attention. Since Craig does not focus on important matters, there is no actual accomplishment. As a manager he is expected to be a creative thinker, and to have accomplishments. However, putting important matters on hold, while attending urgent ones will only allow Craig’s personal stress to rise. In addition, Craig fails to use his managerial position to delegate second level tasks to others, who are capable of handling those tasks. By focusing on second level tasks, Craig loses time and effort that could have been used to accomplish important tasks. When individuals at work focus only on what is urgent rather than what is important, organizational problems such as poor delegation which was previously mentioned, poor organization at work, and weak organizational hierarchy tend to occur. In this case, poor delegation of tasks makes it difficult to organize work activities within the company. Poor organization makes people less efficient and less effective. Less efficient and less effective individuals lead to weak organizational hierarchy. A weak organizational hierarchy can lead to a decrease in the overall productivity of the company. Craig can be seen as someone who likes to be in control,

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