The Case of the Transferred Employee

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The Case of the Transferred Employee The case study of the transferred employee is a narrative that explains a situation where someone within a healthcare organization is going against what is ethically right to avoid negative repercussions by human resources and his supervisor. This is an act that happens all the time within organizations. I believe this to be true because I have personally seen it done. I can see how the supervisor in this case study would have a very difficult time deciding on how to follow through with what he should do. It is easy to say that one would just go against their administrative leader on paper but it would be way more difficult in actuality. Especially when you know that this leader is your…show more content…
If someone were to find out that I falsified documents for the transferred employee then what’s to say that I did not falsify other documentation. I was raised on “a man is only as good as his word” and I believe that saying to be very true. Do you go back and confront your supervisor? In this situation I would definitely go back and confront my supervisor. I would not cause a negative confrontation with my supervisor because that is not professional. Instead, I would explain to my supervisor that I do not think it is ethically right to falsify documentation. I would also say that it goes against what I believe and makes me uncomfortable. The supervisor would most likely be very upset with me for challenging him but as I stated before I believe in basing my decisions off of what is ethically right and falsifying documentation is not ethically right. What is your decision and why did you make it? My decision is to do the evaluation late on the transferred employee. I would get with all departments involve, let everyone know what was done wrong, and configure a strategy to make sure that this did not happen again. I would like to figure out a way that this not only did not happen in my department again, but I would also want to make sure that it did not happen in our organization again. In the case of the transferred employee the situation occurred because of a lack of education and communication.
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