The Case of the Untouchable Water Carrier Essay

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The Case of the untouchable water carrier Introduction: The caste system was and continues to be a terrible reality for people in Europe and Asia. Even though it is not as prominent now as it was before it was abolished, it still affects many people all around the world. To be born into a status, one that you can never leave or outlive is a great tragedy. How does one come to terms with knowing that a choice was never an option? It doesn’t matter if all the laws changed today, the fact remains that the human race is habitual: people will continue to operate based on what they have done for years. The abolition of slavery and the caste system didn’t mean that people would stop doing it but merely meant that it was no longer legal to do…show more content…
Unfortunately, the staff led with their beliefs and as a result jeopardized the operations of the bank and should be reprimanded as such. However, as an MNE the bank will be aiming to keep costs down and focus on keeping both customer and employee happy so “the untouchable water carrier” will most likely be the one to feel the brunt of the reprimand. Conclusion/Managerial Implication: As a manager at that bank Raman should have done more research on how the lifestyle of that particular region operated compared to where he was transferring from. His decision to hire the “untouchable” was not a wrong decision because, the fact still remains that the caste system was abolished. However, if he had done his research he would have known that the mindset of his staff was not up to par with his beliefs or the current law in regards to the caste system. He is now in a predicament where he will either risk losing clients or renege on a promise that he gave to Kishore by offering him the job in the first place. This is a lesson for other MNE’s as well because as they move into “unknown” territory they must thoroughly research the area and the people that live there to understand the culture and to aid in an easy diffusion
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