"The Cash Boy" - Horatio Alger

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The short story ”The Cash Boy” is written by Horatio Alger and it was published in the year 1889. The story is about a little poor boy, which lost everyone he loved except his little sister. Because the situation with no parents and income, Frank moved to New York for himself, so he could make some money for him and his sister. His sister stayed in the country and it’s Frank who pays for her needs and her tuition. One day at work Franks boss asks him to send some letters. Frank says yes and now he ventures to find the mailbox at Forty-sixth Street. On his way he helps an old man and he gets invited inside the old mans house for dinner. During the dinner he is getting to know the old man more and more and it ends with Frank reading for the…show more content…
You have been a good friend to me” “The Cash Boy” is a good short story, which tells us about a lot of things especial-ly about the main theme and other themes such as The American dream. It ends with an open ending, which tells us that we do not know what will happen to Frank and his sister, but some things in the short story lead to a great future, because it is shown that his life will be better, because he is a hard working-man and the extra money from Mr. Wharton. This also tells us that Mr. Wharton is alone and needs a friend. This reminds a lot about the text “Richard Cory”. “Richard Cory” is also about a rich man who needs company, but no one wants to be his friend, because he is in the upper class. It all ends with his suicide and this can be put into perspective in this short story with Frank, because in this story Frank is Mr. Wharton’s
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