The Cashflow Quadrant By Robert Kiyosaki

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Introduction Entrepreneurship and leadership are two disciplines that focus on building independence for a group of people that are willing to take risks, innovate, act responsibly, and being a model for others. Lot of people have the desire to have their own business. More and more students are studying Entrepreneurship nowadays. What is the purpose? What is behind that? Everyone has a dream as long as they are alive. We all want to live well, perhaps have a big house near a beach, drive the latest branded car, and visit different countries and so one. Dreams are good because they are the one that lead us, motivate us to fight for what we want. In fact, being an entrepreneur is one of the best ways to get all of that. According to the book “ The CASHFLOW Quadrant written by Robert Kiyosaki, there is the concept of “E S B I”. The diagram of Kiyosaki explains the four ways people gain money nowadays. The “E” in the quadrant stands for employee who normally has a job, earns a salary, works on demand, stressed, fired when needed (exchange of work for money). The “ S” stands for self employed, someone that owns a job, pays him or herself, much more independent, but still have a little stress. “ B” is for the business owners, which means people that own a business, has more freedom and more benefits. The “ I” is for investors who usually make their money work for them, create their own work or job, and are freer to decide. The “B” and the “ I” quadrants show where the most of

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