The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe sets the story in Italy during the rise of the Freemasons. As thinkers and specialists began to enter the stonemason guilds, they saw a need for the creation of exclusive social clubs. These social clubs provided members with access to other members with similar ideologies. These ideas lead to networking that would enable members to share personal networking such as financial, political, and social ties. As the social clubs grew, they eventually formed Freemasonry. With a secure network, the Masons would be able to challenge the power of the aristocratic families. The masons would support the revolutions that would lead to democracy. The perfect storm of networking and revolutions resulted in the rise of the new money elite…show more content…
The black clothing Montresor wears tells two stories of the character. The image he projects is a calm and disciplined persona that lacks impulsive behaviors (Stepp 451). The clothing and black mask also give off the appearance of a defacto executioner accompanying his victim on his last walk (Platizky 207). In the end, Montresor’s upbringing in the old-money class of the elite has shaped his view of the world. Just as Montresor was constructed to be calm and decisive, Fortunato is portrayed as impulsive and immature. At the beginning of the story, Fortunato is introduced wearing a motley outfit. Fortunato’s outfit brilliantly represents his personality and how he is viewed by the aristocratic families of the time (Whatley 56,58). The costume builds the idea in the reader 's mind that Fortunato is the exact opposite of Montresor. This opposite effect is shown through many variations throughout the story. First, Fortunato inadvertently insults Montresor when he admits that he has forgotten the Montresor family crest and motto (Stepp 447, 449). While his ignorance is not the reason for the revenge, it lets Poe depict Fortunato’s naivety (White 551). Secondly, Fortunato’s ego is on display during the walk to his demise when Fortunato is informed that Luchesi will be the one to get to test the authenticity of the Amontillado (Poe 209). This information brings out Fortunato’s ego. Fortunato believes
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