The Cask Of Amontillado, Good Country People, And The Lottery

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The dark side of human nature has been present throughout the course of life as illustrated in The Cask of Amontillado, Good Country People, and The Lottery. The darkness is a predominant theme as expressed by a few character traits throughout the short stories. Humans have been responsible for acts of care and compassion, yet the dark side of human nature overcomes them through the themes of pride, self preservation, and deception which throughout the short stories gives evidence of the dark side of human nature.
Pride has built the characters up and blinded them to the point where they undertake horrible actions. Pride has corrupted and transformed the nature of the characters as expressed by Montresor when he introduces his desire for vengeance against Fortunato, “The
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Old man Warner lectures about conspiracies of shutting down the lottery, “Pack of crazy fools, listening to the young folks. Nothing's good enough for them, they'll be wanting to go back to living in caves, nobody works anymore, live that way for a while” (Jackson 3). The Lottery is an extreme example of self preservation in society. They were so used to killing off one person every year they can't differentiate right from wrong. Old man Warner acts as if someone had insulted him by insisting on cancelling the lottery. Today, society has fallen into a lull of constant evil and it can't tell itself that something it’s doing wrong is not right. An important moment occurs when joy is contemplating taking off her leg for Manly, “No one ever touched it but her. She took care of it as someone else his soul, in private and almost with her own eyes turned away. No, she said” (O’Connor 288). Her modest and preserved nature in this scenario proves to be helpful as she shies away from the sketchy bible salesmen. Self preservation cloaks the mind to the sides of good and evil, allowing for deadly
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