The Cask Of Amontillado Mood Analysis

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The story, “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe is about a sinister man who contrived a plan to seek revenge on his arrogant enemy. The thoughts and feelings of the characters are displayed by the description of the setting. The description of the settings and the imagery created by the author allows the reader a better understanding of the events. There are many different moods conveyed throughout the story, but there is always a main mood of wickedness due to the events and in which they take place. The mood contributes to the story because it adds to the protagonist’s goal of revenge. The central mood is shown in the areas in which the evil deeds are taking place because they add an effect which adds a more eerie feeling. Poe’s…show more content…
The quotes from the characters that contain a mood show how a character changes such as when Fortunato’s voice changed. “But now there came from out the niche a low laugh that erected the hairs upon my head.” (pg. 6) This quote adds to the mood of wickedness because this quote explains how Montresor has made a once strong man look feeble. This mood is exposed in other quotes of the story as well such as when Montresor replies to Fortunato’s screams. “I reechoed -- I aided -- I surpassed them in volume and strength. I did this and the clamorer grew still.”(pg. 6) Consequently, this quote adds to the mood of being wicked because of how Montresor made Fortunato look inferior. Moreover, these quotes and moods define the characters traits which are relevant to the main mood. The mood is a very important effect in this story because it allows a better understanding of the events occurring in the story. The mood also allows emotions to be created from the reader. Poe’s use of descriptiveness was consistent which helped the theme. Poe’s wordplay also adds to the mood because of how it exposed Montresor’s feelings. The mood was one of the most important aspects in this writing because of how it added to the
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