The Cask Of Amontillado : William Shakespeare

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Melanie Bottini Ruiz-Velasco English 221 Final Paper 17 December 2014 The Cask of Amontillado: Shakespeare in American Literature There are a few names in literature which represent the ability to captivate an audience with suspense and gloom. Though masters of different genres, Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare both embody this unique ability. One of Poe’s work in particular resembles the beauty and darkness that is found in Shakespeare’s tragedies. In the intriguing short story “The Cask of Amontillado,” two wealthy gentlemen from an Italian, wine-loving village go off to find a barrel of expensive medium-dry sherry to share amidst a happy carnival, and the stakes rise when one of the men betrays his friend, chaining and trapping him deep in the catacombs. The jolly and fun-loving Fortunato is assumed to be unfortunately slowly killed by the narrator, Montresor. The relationship between these two men and the struggles presented throughout the entire first-person recollection of the fictional Montresor created by Edgar Allan Poe uses many of the literary elements that are prominent in William Shakespeare’s revenge tragedies. The most basic elements of this story have direct connections and references to the Bard’s works and style. The story is set in an Italian town amidst a drunk and merry festival. Fortunato is wearing bells and a conical hat, compared to a jester in his lighthearted celebratory nature. In contrast, Montresor is a manipulative and spiteful
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