The Cast of Domino's and Delivery

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In this case, the reader is presented with a dilemma concerning Domino’s delivery service and customers ordering from unsafe neighborhoods. Domino’s and other pizza delivery companies (namely Pizza Hut and Little Caeser’s) implement a program that ranks neighborhoods based on their safety; residents living in “red” neighborhoods must drive to the store to pick up their pizza. Domino’s enforces this to protect their drivers from being assaulted or murdered. The ethical dilemma is that these “red” or “dangerous” neighborhoods tend to be comprised of mostly minority groups. Upon refusal on Domino’s part to deliver to the Fobbs family, the comment was made that “it can only be because we are black people.” The American Civil Liberties Union…show more content…
The focus shifts from Domino’s to society and unsafe neighborhoods; from the financial interests of the shareholders and the pizza cravings of the consumers to the safety of the employees. If these areas could be made safer or prevented from happening, the problem would be eliminated altogether. After reading through the case numerous times and several days of thought, I am inclined to agree with the latter. The management at Domino’s has every right to protect the safety of both themselves and the employees. Drivers should not be expected to risk their lives just to bring dinner to residents of high-crime neighborhoods. The worst-case scenario for the driver is being killed; the worst-case scenario for the customer is either driving to the store to pick up the pizza or cooking his/her own dinner. Some professionals go to work knowing their life is at risk (firefighters, police officers, and those in the armed forces), but pizza delivery drivers are not (and should not be) part of that group. If it is wrong for Domino’s to refuse delivery to residents of dangerous neighborhoods, it is more wrong to force employees to deliver to areas where they may be killed. The article states that “several pizza-delivery people had been murdered while making

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