The Castle Of My Skin

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In the Castle of My Skin is by its very nature a novel which is difficult to label as its episodic nature underlines the diverse nature of the Caribbean experience. The Antilles were, and are to this day, a region defined by its ethnic and cultural diversity. Due to the multiplicity of experiences which define the region, any singular narrative attempting to portray even one village would be overly simplistic as a result of the singular narrative which define most traditional novel. As such, Lamming utilizing different narrative and form to reflect the always changing diversity of the Barbados. As such, it is impossible for a critique of the novel to address its multifaceted nature, even when dealing with a single theme. In practice, this effectively deconstructs the traditional form of identity within the village in which it is set, while being part of an intellectual movement in Caribbean literature and culture of constructing an identity centered on race, and the unity of historical hardships facing all individuals of African descent in the Americas.
Lamming consistently emphasizes human perception, and its inability to properly gauge phenomena’s of nature at first – or in other words, the difficult to see on a different level than the one that an individual or a community is occupying. An instance of this is when Boy Blue accidentally picked up a pair of copulating frogs having first thought they were rocks (p. 170-171). The mistaken perception of Boy Blue made…
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