The Castle Street Hospital For Women

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The Castle Street Hospital for Women is the chief ladies ' doctor 's facility in Sri Lanka. Ready to serve a wide exhibit of services to women and men, it as of now has a quality of 442 beds. It gives services to expecting moms, gynecological patients, sub fruitful patients neonates and significantly more. The doctor 's facility performs more than 16000 conveyances for each year. It additionally has one of the biggest neonatal units in Sri Lanka. The clinic is a tertiary care showing doctor 's facility and is a herald in preparing wellbeing staff.
The Castle Street doctor 's facility has a 24h OPD with number of centers for follow up visits for patients. More than 100000 patients visit the doctor 's facility centers each year. From year 2000, the doctor 's facility set out on a venture to enhance profitability and quality and has been remunerated for keeping up exclusive requirements (“Castle street hospital for women,” 2015).
In addition, when changes happen in the social insurance conveyance frameworks, it is essential to give the fundamental offices and administration to patients. For instance, individuals are maturing, and patients will require more propelled levels of medicinal care. Individuals will have vision, hearing, and comprehension issues that must be dealt with. So it is the doctor 's facility 's obligation to give offices like innovative beds, ICU 's, and mechanically propelled hardware like CT and MRI scanners. At the point when managing patient 's
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