The Cat By Tiger Analysis

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Thomas Wolfe was an American novelist in the early twentieth century. He is known for writing on American culture and values during the period from 1920-1940. During this time period, the United States was segregated. In rural areas, segregation and racism was the greatest because of poverty. During the time Wolfe’s short story takes place, the United States was likely experiencing the Great Depression. Farming communities were particularly hurt by the depression as the Midwestern farm belt was also experiencing a drought forcing many families into bankruptcy, the loss of their farms, and a way of life. Steinbeck wrote about the drought and the plight of the farmers in his novel “The Grapes of Wrath.” Like Steinbeck, Wolfe’s “The Cat by…show more content…
Although the tiger represents a magnificent creature physically because of its overall majesty, the tiger is also a very deadly creature. That point is made by Blake by referencing the lamb (Stanza 5, line 5). Blake’s poem could also be interpreted to evoke questions about the merits of social change which had just occurred in the America’s following the War of Independence with Britain and was now occurring in Europe in connection with the (very bloody) French Revolution. We also know that Blake was aware of the broader social changes taking place in England at the time with the start of the Industrial Revolution and the profound, somewhat negative changes that revolution had on the quality of life in England.
Throughout the short story Wolfe makes further reference to “The Tyger” poem by describing Dick using the phrase “like a cat” or “crafty as a cat” on four occasions. See paragraphs 7, 13, 19, and 28. Another physical reference to dick (and a cat) is in paragraph 2 − “… his great black paw …” and in paragraph 91 where dick’s behavior is described as “… coolly poised ….” Later, Wolfe refers to Dick’s movements as “silent” (Paragraph 124).
Perhaps the most important references by Wolfe to the Blake poem is Dick’s transformation from a mild and helpful bible-reader to a ruthless killer. Like a tiger, he can
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