The Catalonia And Spain Conflict

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Catalonia, the Northeastern region of Spain, is engaged in a true and realistic conflict over gaining sovereignty and independence from Spain. This conflict, which is rooted in Catalonian nationalism, has been ongoing for years and has evolved significantly over time (Alexander, 2014). Since the conquering of Catalonia many centuries ago, the Catalonian people have worked resiliently to resist the loss of their language and culture by struggling against assimilating to the common cultures, laws, and language of its conqueror (Alexander, 2014). Throughout Spanish history, Catalonia has employed different methods in achieving their goal of independence from Spain. The manifestation of this conflict has taken the form of protests, laws, political parties, and certain acts of violence which indicates the severity of it, the passion of its participants, and provides concrete evidence that this conflict not only exists but is highly prevalent in Spanish history. The Catalonia and Spain conflict has manifested itself in several different forms throughout the twentieth century. To begin understanding the manifestation of the conflict, it is imperative to understand the scope in which the conflict branches from. While it is apparent that the conflict is generally between Catalonia and Spain, the scope in which this conflict reaches is spread within specific groups of the Catalonian and Spanish population. According to Bolloten and Esenwein (2015) the scope of the Catalonia and
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