The Catastrophe That Is Commonwealth

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Alyssa Nolan
PLSC 100 003
October 23, 2014
The Catastrophe that is Commonwealth
According to the rules described by Hobbes in Leviathan, I would not like to live in a Commonwealth. The characteristics that discourage me from living in Hobbes’ Commonwealth are 1) the defense of a monarchy as the best constitution, 2) the exemption of the Sovereign from civil laws and social contract, and his or her intact human nature resulting from these exemptions 3) subjects’ restrictions to do things such as protest due to their covenant and 4) all who are not citizens are enemies. These characteristics differ immensely from the way in which my home country, The United States of America, operates.
The first characteristic that I dispute is Hobbes defense of a monarchy as the best constitution. In doing so, he defends the total power of a single ruler, or Sovereign. A monarchy is defined by Hobbes as “when the representative is One man” (Hobbes 239). When an individual has absolute power, their personal interests can take precedence over the interest of the nation. “And though he be carefull in his politique Person to procure the common interest; yet he is more, or no lesse carefull to procure the private good of him-selfe, his family, kindred and friends; and for the most part, he preferrs the private: for the Passions of men, are commonly more potent than their reason” (Hobbes 241). In the case of a ruler favoring his or her over that of his people, subjects find themselves…

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