The Catastrophic Disaster Struck Japan Essay

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On March 11, 2011 two catastrophic disaster struck Japan; a natural disaster in the form of a tsunami that followed an earthquake resulting in a man-made disaster, a nuclear power plant meltdown. The Fukishima nuclear power plant meltdown resulted from multiple system failures. When the tsunami waves struck it was double the size of the height of the plants seawall, which flooded the plant (Edge, 2011). Water ended up in the basement of the power plant rendering the backup diesel generators inoperable and unable to cool the reactors (Edge, 2011). The entire Fukishma plant lost power, causing malfunctioning of the plant and a nuclear meltdown. Initially, the Japanese government ordered an evacuation of everyone within two miles of Fukishima, but after an explosion shook the plant, the government widened the areas to 12 miles forcing more than 100,00 people to flee (Edge, 2011). Interestingly, the United State government advised American in Japan to stay at least 50 miles away from the Fukishima plant (Davis, 2011). I do not believe that we can ever be fully prepared for a natural disaster that facilitates a nuclear meltdown. Nuclear power is an efficient and inexpensive way for communities to get their energy needs met. Economics and government politics will always be a factor in regulating the energy industry, which has a vested interested in promoting fossil fuel consumption. Logistically, anticipating and preparing for every possible nuclear meltdown is
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