The Catbird Seat Analysis

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THE OFFICE 2 Head of the Office The Catbird Seat begins with Erwin Martin, head of the filing department at F & S company, purchasing a pack of cigarettes on Broadway. Mr. Martin wasn’t even a smoker, but as things would have it, they seemed appropriate for the moment. Mr. Martin had been working for the company for over 22 years and was recognized as a very consistent, efficient worker. His supervisor, Mr. Fitweiler even said about him, “Man is fallible, but Martin isn’t” (paragraph 2).
The time is in the early 1940’s, a time when so much of the business world was run especially by the male gender. Old Roberts, the personnel chief of the business had hired a lady by the name of
This story depicts an individual
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It is about one employee’s agenda and the power she is turned loose to wreak havoc in a company with no regard to the individuals effort and long time commitment to its business. Mrs. Barrows quickly got under the skin of Mr. Martin as she began her new job as special adviser to the president. “Her quacking voice and braying laugh had first profaned the halls of F & S” (paragraph 3) in March of 1941. This went on for two years and it was moving
Mr. Martin to “near distraction” (paragraph 3.) We have all had certain employers that we have, shall we say, appreciated more than others. On one certain occasion, I had a supervisor tell me,
“Tim, everyone else is up here (hand gesture over his head) and you’re down here” (hand gesture at his waist). It wasn’t that he really thought my performance as lower than that of the rest of my cohorts, it was simply that he was threatened by me and the challenges that I put forth of his leadership. Mrs. Barrows in this instance knew she was up against a leader with strong influence in the company and would do about anything to get under his skin. There must be genuine respect for each other in order for a workplace environment to succeed. She used

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