The Catbird Seat By Psy.

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Recently, on the day of the talent show, I was asked to dance with a disabled student to a previous hit titled “Gangnam Style” by Psy. As we were practicing the dance, he started to tease me repeatedly and I wanted to say something, but I stopped myself because I knew it would not be acceptable. Although I knew he was socially challenged, I took offense to his comments and felt that he was acting inappropriately. David Birnbaum, writer of the essay, “The Catbird Seat”, which was published in the New York Times “Lives” section, argues that as a disabled person he is allowed to take advantage of his rights and has special privileges when the Americans with Disabilities Act is not fulfilled. Birnbaum’s essay discusses how he felt after becoming a quadriplegic and how the special treatment he receives equals up to what he has faced from being handicapped. Also, Birnbaum concluded his essay by describing the division between America’s social hierarchies. The writer intended to catch the minds of a more prestigious audience, particularly a group of scholars who have excess time to read the newspaper. Through personal experiences and an unapologetic tone, Birnbaum conveys his overall argument that the special privileges of the disabled community equal up to the pain and suffering they encounter on a daily basis. Firstly, Birnbaum uses personal experiences to prove his stance that it is permissible for people with disabilities to have certain advantages. Since Birnbaum is

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