The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

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Salinger, the book starts off with Holden Caulfield, main protagonist, talks about his experience alone the weekend before he went home after getting kicked out of Pencey Prep.Holden seems to be embracing the growing up mentality yet he is frighten of adulthood he is trying to keep his innocence. Holden’s attitude toward life in general is perplexed. He pretends to be an adult by drinking heavily, yet he complains like a child. Holden's thoughts aren't what an average sixteen year old boy would think about. He describes death in a peculiar way and he pretends to be injured often yet he hasn’t been in that position before. He is a bit violent and sexual for a kid his age. He lies about his age to certain people he meets. He tries to lose his virginity to a prostitute but he doesn’t go through with it. Holden isn’t a straightforward guy because he shys away with his lies. In other words, Holden tries to act like an adult at times, but he is actually extremely terrified of the adult life. Throughout the book, Holden tries to talk and act as a mature person around other adults, yet can't restrain himself from acting as an immature teenager. Holden at a young age obviously lost his innocence; he talks about the many things that annoys him. He curses and judges everything that he sees. Holden interprets people's action differently because according to him, everyone has different motives. In Holden’s mind, he seems to think that…
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