The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

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Holden Caulfield, hardly being the complete opposite of a typical protagonist. Instead, being the archetype of an anti-hero facing adolescent over anxiety. He is a teenager forced to grow up in a time of turmoil with severe emotional handicaps placed upon him by family, friends and life in general. Caulfield sets himself on such a journey and is portrayed as an individual on a quest for validation in life. Although he lives in a constant strive through society that is completely indifferent to him, he does display qualities of a certain hero. Such a hero that will eventually attempt beyond his comfort zone, finding himself in a world unknown to him, facing towards new challenges placed on his life. Despite the discomfort, Holden as a hero develops a sense of freedom and independence, becoming a stronger, more sophisticated individual, bringing new ideas to society.
The protagonist’s journey begins from his attempt to failure within his future. As he steps into the “real” world, Holden’s perceptions towards humanity are distorted due to his past wicked experiences and present state of mind. While Holden continues his heroic cycle, some of the most important aspects in creating a perfect hero figure are visible in his own character, consistently struggling through lack of confidence and strength. Becoming a part of this society Holden lived in involved fitting in,…
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