The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

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In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, written by J.D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield is a very complex and interesting person to take into consideration and psychoanalyze. His various traits make him a different person from the rest of the phonies in the world. Holden says, “All you do is make a lot of dough and play golf and play bridge and buy cars and drink Martinis and look like a hot-shot. How would you know you weren't being a phony? The trouble is, you wouldn't.” What Holden doesn’t realize is that he is a phony as well. This is ironic because he says you don’t know if you are a phony, but he is. Salinger’s life is reflected in the book, there are many similarities to his life and Holden’s. Holden is a perfect example of Freud’s…show more content…
Honest to God, we could have a terrific time” (Salinger 137). This is his dream for himself and Sally. He wants to run away with Sally but she is more reasonable person. She tells him they can’t just do that. He gets mad and they start arguing. Him imagining the vision is a way to escape the real world. “However, according to Freud, when the desired object… isn’t available, the ID [unconscious urges and desires], is able to achieve some partial gratification by forming a mental image of the desired object” (Nevid 470). According to Freud, by imagining himself and Sally he feels a little better and has a brief good moment. This comes crumbling down when Sally doesn’t agree. They automatically start arguing with each other. Another instance of him imagining things is his hunting hat. “I sort of closed one eye, like I was taking aim at it. ‘This is a people shooting hat,’ I said. ‘I shoot people in this hat” (Salinger 22). He imagines shooting people. He gets mad when Ackley says it is a dear shooting hat. He says he doesn’t like phonies, so most likely the people he shoots are the people he doesn’t like. The hat can represent his inner child since children usually play pretend guns. Like Freud said this is what Holden does to get some gratification by using his imagination. Holden also says that he wants to be the catcher in the rye. This would be his true dream to help children. His fantasy worlds are a way to balance his emotions as he goes from the real
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