The Catchphrase Of Speed Is Life Among F-4 Phantom Pilots

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The catchphrase “Speed is life,” was popular among F-4 Phantom pilots, as it was a fighter with an incredible propensity for speed, thanks to its two J79 engines. Nicknamed “Rhino” and “Double Ugly,” the F-4E Phantom II was designed to cover both air and ground support as well as be an interceptor with an engine that could reach over Mach 2. The fighter was developed by McDonnell Douglas and featured a M-61A Vulcan cannon, an improvement added in response to F-4D pilot complaints. McDonnell Douglas focused almost exclusively on the Phantom in 1966-67, as it was the first multiservice aircraft, serving the Air Force, Navy and Marines. It was a workhorse, able to take pilots up to do reconnaissance, combat air patrol missions and tactical
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