The Categories Of Religious Studies

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The Categories of Religious Studies When most religious studies students think of religion they think of people that are very passionate about their particular god, but most people do not understand why people act the way they do in religions. In religious studies they examine how different categories of religion help people of that religion conduct a structured way of life. There are many categories, that once are utilized, will help religious studies students obtain a deeper understanding of people in religions. The categories that will inform a student of Religious Studies about a tradition are myths, rituals, Gods, and systems of purity. Since the term myth came to existence, during ancient Greece, there has been both positive, and negative connotations for the word. The negative definition of myth is often closely related to the term fantasy. Some of the negative connotations is due to western literatures reference to myths. For instance, for a long time in American history people would associate unicorns as myths, because they did not exist. Often, western literatures would refer to myths as fiction. This has caused many westerners to relate the word myth with something that is unrealistic. In contrast, religious studies give the term myth a whole new meaning. Instead of relating myth to something that is fiction, religious studies provide a positive connotation for myth. A myth is a belief that expresses religious ideas, and is the language of a religious tradition.
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