The Cathedral Of Canterbury Cathedral

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The word Cathedral is a Latin word for chair “Cathedra” which was taken from the Greek ‘Kathedra’ meaning seat. The Canterbury Cathedral is located in England, United Kingdom. The Cathedral is one of the most famous and oldest Christian structures in England. 597 AD was the founding of Canterbury Cathedral. The cathedral’s physical context is located in a sprawl area meaning there is low density residential, there are many other attractions around such as the theatre,hotel and museum. Saint Augustine was the first ever Archbishop of Canterbury. The style of the Cathedral is Gothic; Anglo-Norman and its dedication is Christ. The church was occupied by a community of monks living under religious vows. Over 180 years after the last Roman troops left Britain, King - Ethelbert at the time king of the people of Kent. The king’s wife Queen Bertha was a Christian and she worshipped at an old Roman Church, which was called St Martin’s Church. Augustine had succeeded in converting the King - Ethelbert to Christianity. Canterbury was the centre of the revived Christian Church in England. Augustine also established a building occupied by a community of monks between St Martin’s Church which is now known today as St Augustine’s Abbey. Augustine was also given another Roman Church by King Ethelbert which was later then developed into Canterbury Cathedral which was Augustine’s most memorable development. Augustine’s original building of the Cathedral lies beneath the floor of the Nave,
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