The Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales

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From St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in France, architects have designed some of the most beautiful Churches in the world. Expressing every little detail and nuance, they have relentlessly taken the time to develop these remarkable centers of worship. However, tourists of these Churches seem to fail to go “behind the scenes” and appreciate all the decision making and planning used to create these magnificent wonders. Thus, we the architects have put together this detailed synopsis to allow worshipers to appreciate every aspect and feature of The Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales.
We decided that the Cathedral should be named after Saint Francis de Sales because he is an important and instrumental
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Baptism will make them one of the men that Catholicism has caught, or rather, has taught. The confessionals, also known as reconciliation rooms, are areas where one can perform the Sacrament of Penance, also known as confession. These are located in the back of the Cathedral so that the confessor may confess their sins in a secluded room where they feel private and comfortable. A cry room is located in the back of the Cathedral. It is for families that have newly born babies. If the parents were to bring their babies to Cathedral they would most likely cry during the Mass, and it will interrupt the Mass. Therefore, the cry room is for families who still want to go to church but do not want to interrupt the Holy mass. The cry room has speakers in it that are connected to the priest’s microphone so that those inside the room will be able to follow and hear the Mass.
The “Adoration Chapel” is a term that is broadly used to designate the practically uninterrupted adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The Adoration Chapel contains the Eucharist, which is in a special holder called the monstrance. Parishioners of the Cathedral may come to pray and worship Jesus continually throughout the day and at night. As mentioned earlier, the Adoration Chapel is one of the annexes in the Cathedral. (Becchio, Bruno, and Schade 25) The Eucharist is the prime celebration that brings Catholics together. Thus, it is vital that they feel like a part
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