The Catholic Church And The Church

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The Catholic Church as we know it is much different than that of the past. Love, acceptance, forgiveness, giving, and tradition are all things that come to mind when the words Catholic Church are heard. If one were to ask those living in the 1400-1800s what comes to mind when thinking about the Catholic Church, their answer would have been very different. With the exception of a few countries, there is a separation of the church and state in todays’ government. In our current state of government, the church has no say in the justice system or decisions made by the government. There is no priest or king who rules over the country or attends government meetings. In early Europe, this was not the case. The Catholic Church had great influence on the government. The church actually was the government in some countries who operated under a theocratic ruling. With God being the ultimate ruler, the Priest or King was the next in power. The royals are supposedly Gods chosen ones. They are the closest to him and everyone else is below them. The church had power over the military, who had access to education, individuals’ socioeconomic class, the laws, and almost anything else one could think of.1 The ultimate goal of the church was to convert anyone who was not Christian into a Christian as a way of gaining power. The inquisition ordered conquistadores to find and conquer lands which could be used to cultivate Spanish wealth and spread Catholicism.2 In this sense, the church’s power
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