The Catholic Church And The Middle Ages

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THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE MIDDLE AGES I wanted to do this research paper on the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages because the church has always fascinated me. I have always found the history and the corruption of the Catholic Church to be of great interest and when I read in Robinson Crusoe, when he stated something to the effect that he would rather be captured by cannibals than catholic priests , I decided to do this paper on the Catholic Church. I thought it was a very interesting statement considering the time that it was written. According to my research, the Catholic Church dominated the world in the middle ages. They controlled everything from religion to politics, art, and education. Their power was eminent and unlimited and so was their corruption. Due to the power and corruption of the Catholic Church, the Middle Ages was considered the dark ages for true Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church had abandoned the early teachings of the bible and instead began to enforce teachings of their own. Basically, they were making up the rules in order to fulfill their own desires. For example, they might write a new reason for a divorce if it was important enough for a King who could pay the church money a lot of money. Some of the teachings of the time included the Infallibility of the Pope. In 590, Gregory the Great believed that he was king among all the bishops. Another pope, believed that as Vicar of Christ and a representative of Peter, he had the power
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