The Catholic Church and Charity

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While it has been a place of worship for over 1.1 billion people all over the world, the Catholic Church is not just a source of faith for those same people. The Catholic Church is one of the world’s largest sources of charity. The Catholic Church serves billions of people all over the world every year with a large range of services. The Catholic religion is dominated by the theological philosophy that one must be a good person, but also give back during the course of their lifetime. With charity being one of the core values of the Catholic religion, it is no question that the Catholic Church is quite probably the largest charity in the world. The Catholic Church provides for the poor by giving them a place to eat and stay, they allocate funds for many types of organizations involving helping the downtrodden and people who cannot help themselves, and most importantly, the Catholic Church has a large network of people who go on missions to different countries to help spread the religion of Catholicism, but also help the people there build homes, water treatment facilities, and help them with an assortment of other health related tasks such as AIDs prevention and malaria prevention. The Catholic Church’s main priority in regards to their charitable contributions to the world is the fight against poverty. Catholics have been trying to help the poor for quite some time now. The teachings of Jesus Christ and even many passages in…

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