The Catholic Church during the 7th and 8th Century

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The great altitude was reached by the Church when the Roman Empire was torn apart by the barbarians and then ripped throughout Europe. Western Europe is grateful to its preservation due to the rise of the Church. Nothing would manage to survive in the middle ages, if there had not been the alliance of the churches with the barbarian royalty, contributing to the preservation of agriculture and literature, being meantime the conduit of learning.
Several circumstances and some purely accidental factors were the indicators that highly contributed to the rise of the Church in the 6th century . The first issue is the unreclaimed popularity of the Church, which may be the first connecting thread to the early apostles. The papal office is the direct descendent from the apostle Peter, who was appointed by the Christ the steward and the head of the Church. The first church established by the Apostles in the empire was the Roman Church. The self proclaimed indicators of the church come from Damasus I, who belonged to the church in Rome and performed the role of the apostolic see, referring to himself as the pontefix Maximus. Nowadays, the title of the pope originates from this combination of words – pontiff. This was the impetus for Christians to elevate the authority of the church.
The congress held in Rom gave the pope the title of the “Vicar of Christ.”…
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