The Caucasus And The Territorial Integrity of Russia

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The Caucasus is one of the most complicated and sensitive regions in the world: with many different ethnic groups, religious allegiances, and conflicts. It consists of three independent republics: Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia; and Russian parts of Caucasus. Russia became a significant player in Caucasus after it conquered Astrakhan region in 1556. But complete control of Caucasus by Russia was achieved only in the nineteenth century after its conquest of Georgia and Azerbaijan. The Tsarist Russia did not pay much attention to the needs and desires of the people who lived in the region and hoped to Russianize them. Russia lost control over Caucasus for a short period of time after the communist revolution in 1917 but regained…show more content…
While EU and USA is working for more integration of independent Caucasian countries into the world community Russia sees it as process aimed at its isolation. If Russia loses it control over Caucasus it will lose its direct communication lines with Black Sea and consequently with outer world which in turn will diminish its significance as a world power .
Russian domination in region also creates obstacles for the USA security and interests in region. While US considers Iran’s nuclear program as a threat to its interests in region and is trying to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, Russia provides Iran with technological and political assistance. The closest communication link between Russia and Iran is passing through Azerbaijan and Caspian Sea. For the time being Russia achieved, though not complete, control of the region once again by divide-and-rule politics.
This study will analyse the importance of economic, political and sociological factors, within the Caucasus region, for Russia’s geostrategic interests, their impact on territorial integrity of Russia, and explain Russia’s efforts aimed at maintaining its influence in the region. This study will also touch counter arguments about the importance of Caucasus. Some authors argue that Caucasus has insignificant portion of world oil reserves, others advocate that the interests of USA has shifted to Middle East and Caucasus lost its importance as strategic link between continents.
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