The Cauchy Stress Principle

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The study of linear and nonlinear wave processes is very important. Elastic waves are high-performance instrument to research strained and deformed state of solids an also to study their structure and properties. Elastic waves can propagate deeply inside the material without disturbing the material state. The elasto-dynamic problem is a challenging predicament to the modern material scientists. In the last twenty years the concept of structural deformation levels obtained the recognition in physics of solids and especially in the science of materials [Panin (1995)]. According to which the concept, each point of a solid body is a complex system of interacting structures of lower level. In the present work elastodynamic problem of in elastic solids and the finite deformation in such materials are studied analytically and investigated the process of wave propagation in the solid.
The elastic solid is assumed as a heterogeneous medium which is homogenized and then applied the principle of anisotropic expansion to suppress the effects of anisotropy. Due to homogenization the nonlinear effects are resulted, these non linear effects should be suppressed in the material to clearly understand the wave propagation in an elastic solid. To investigate the wave propagation in such a material a thorough study of the internal force and its distribution is to be expected, the action of all such internal…

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