The Causal Fungus Of Guava Scabby In El Beheira Governorate

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Characterization and Control of Pestalotiopsis sp the Causal Fungus of Guava Scabby Canker in EL-Beheira Governorate, Egypt.
During 2013-2014 growing seasons, forty three isolates of Pestalotiopsis spp were recovered from guava leaves and fruits showed scab symptoms from different regions in EL-Beheira governorate. Five Pestalotiopsis species were recognized according to the morphological characteristics of fungal colony (Colony color, Size and number of acervulii) and conidia (Length, Width, and Color of median cells, Length and the number of apical and basal appendages); they were P. psidii, P. microspora, P. clavispora, P. neglecta and Pestalotiosis sp. All the isolates recovered were pathogenic to the cv. Balady of guava fruits. However, P.psidii isolates were the most highly pathogenic followed by P. neglecta, P. clavispora, P. microspora and Pestalotiopsis sp, respectively. RAPD-PCR analysis using five random oligonucleotide primers revealed DNA fingerprints and considerable variations were revealed with primers tested. Bar marker showed a common band for all Pestalotiopsis isolates and species at 500bp, while BAQ, 18 and A9B4 exhibited banding pattern similar for all isolates of the same species which were different from that of the other species. Scab disease control of infected fruits by chitosan as s natural product was tested. The in vitro 2.5% chitosan application significantly inhibited the growth of Pestalotiopsis spp tested by 86.53% on agar plates.…

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