The Causation Of The Civil War

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The argument I will be discussing is what caused the Civil War, the fight over slavery or over states’ rights. Dew is going to be arguing that the South was fighting to protect their right to have slaves. Dew believes this partly due to the commissioners in the Deep South trying to rally people together to fight for the right to protect slaves. Gallagher will be arguing that actually the War was to preserve the Union. Gallagher believes this partly due to the most powerful symbol in the nation, the soldiers of the Civil War. It is possible that one could be right or both or neither could be right. My analysis will consist of me questioning the causation of the Civil War. Dew is a man who strongly believe that the southern secession was to protect slavery. He thought that the Deep South commissioners were against racial equality. The four Deep South states were Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia; the commissioners were appointed by the governor (Dew, page 210). Therefore, the governor in a way was backing slavery to stay and to even expand it, which the commissioners were trying to do. They were trying to convince every state to fight for the right of slavery including the Border States. A critical point to make is that these commissioners were well-known public figures of the South, which helped to influence people. The commissioners were afraid of three things: racial equality, a race war, and racial amalgamation (Dew, page 212). Essentially, this fueled
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