The Cause And Causes Of Poverty

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There are many global issues such as violence, lack of resources, and climate change that affect everyday life. Among the many is the issue of poverty. According to the Business dictionary, poverty is a “Condition where people 's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met”. Due to the serious effects and causes of poverty, it has always been an important issue throughout the world. Causes of poverty vary from country to country but the biggest and most common causes are things such as national debt., disabilities, health issues, war, social inequality, lack of education, and natural resources. Poverty comes with many negative effects on the world such as world hunger, homelessness, crime, lack of opportunity, and low…show more content…
Little Mountain and Wan had different self-judgments of themselves regarding Vollmann’s question, Vollmann then introduces the notion of self-definition, one’s self-perspective or self-judgment of themselves. Another question that reflects great insight on poverty that he repeatedly inquires about is “Why are some people rich and others poor?”(86). A fisherman in Yemen answers “Allah does the right thing for us…”(29). The fisherman, a religious man believes Allah determines one’s socioeconomic status. Vollmann then conveys the notion of false consciousness, a mindset that obviates one from observing the true nature of their life. Vollmann adds that charity “requires us to respect the self-awareness and self-judgments of others wherever possible”(47). If one claims he or she is rich, despite it being false-consciousness charity demands one to accept it. No individual can define others only one can define themselves.
There are many definitions of poverty, by many poverty is defined as being financially poor, lack of housing, and food. Vollmann uses two distinct definitions in his book. First, “Poverty is wretched subnormality of opportunity and circumstances” (46). The lack of conventional opportunity and good circumstances caused by things such as poor economy and war, Vollmann relates this definition to any human being

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