The Cause And Causes Of The Second World War II

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In 1939, the Second World War began as Germany attacked Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany in response to Germany's invasion of Poland. The Second World War was composed of two main powers. One was the Axis Powers which included Germany, Italy, and Japan. The other was the Allied Powers which included Britain, France, the United States, the Soviet Union. Germany's attack on Soviet Union and Japan's invasion of Pearl Harbor escalated the war and the war became more intensified on a world scale. Because of the Second World War, a lot of countries and people were sacrificed. In addition, all the things concerning politics, economy, society, culture changed due to this war. Historians always dispute about historical events, especially argue about the causes and effects. In the case of the Second World War, most of the historians have blamed for the war on Hitler. They agreed that the Second World War occurred on account of Hitler's ambition of ruling the world and his wrong idea devastated the whole world. They thought that Hitler made a plan to conquer Europe or the whole world, and by instigating German people with Nazism he planned to seize the power of German and expand to neighboring countries. His greed resulted in a world-sized war. In other…show more content…
In terms of policies, Hitler had similar goals with previous politicians and the way to achieve the goals was different from what people thought. The author strongly insisted that Hitler did not scheme a huge war but he just wanted to gain something when other European countries were in a state of confusion. Also, A.J.P Taylor analyzed Hitler's "My Struggle" and interpreted that his plans were just daydreams and they were similar to expansion plans of former politicians. In short, the author argued that with regard to policies Hitler was not distinguished from predecessors but he was just good at exploiting given situation as much as
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