The Cause And Consequences Of Micro Beads

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The ocean covers seventy percent of the planet. It helps to produce more than half of the planet’s oxygen in the atmosphere by using plankton and algal plankton, which are found under the sea. Plankton and algae plankton provides nutrients for all marine species. The ocean also helps to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. There are around four million people depend on fish as their primary source of food. But since the past decades, the ocean has been in danger due to marine pollution. In other words, the Danger has happened because we are adding toxic and harmful chemicals into the ocean, rivers, and lake, which accumulates and spreads out in the water current. A scientist has found that eighty percent of marine pollution comes from land-based activities. Many questions have arisen due to marine pollution. The first one is why is micro beads pollution harmful to the environment? The text will discuss the cause and consequences of micro beads. The second question is how is marine pollution harming the marine wildlife? The text will discuss the cause of marine pollution to the marine wildlife and the consequences of marine pollution to the marine wildlife. Finally. The third questions are why is marine pollution harmful to our climate? The paper will discuss the consequences of marine pollution to the climate change and the prevention of marine pollution. Jenna Iacurci wrote an article called Nature World News, which claims that fish are suffering liver pathologies,
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