The Cause And Effects Of Stress Among College Students

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Stress Among College Students Unfortunately, college students experience a vast amount of stress during their semesters. According to New York University, stress takes a toll on a student’s physical health, emotional well-being, and academic success. In addition, “College Students experience stress, related to changes in lifestyle, increased workloads, new responsibilities, and interpersonal relationships.”A student stress survey was conducted by Ross (1999) to further support the claim of stress being a catalyst to the incompetency of a student’s mental and physical health. The results of the survey were astonishing because the top five sources of stress are changes in sleeping habits, vacations/breaks, increased workload, change in eating habits, and new responsibilities. Therefore, stressors that students face throughout college is a new environment, different responsibilities, deadlines, well written work, exams, and time management. Time management can be a crucial stressor in college. For instance, if a student doesn’t manage their time efficiently and effectively then that will lead to low grades or academic failure. Poor grades is a factor that ties with terrible sleeping habits and disorganized time management. Stress can be critical to a student's academic success, according to New York University, “Six in ten college students report feeling very stressed that they couldn't get their work done on one or more occasions.” The outcome is that stress leads to an
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