The Cause Of Childhood Obesity

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Obesity is a specific measure in which person has a more weight than a normal being or it can also be defined as excess deposition of fat in our body. Nowadays, obesity can be seen more commonly in children. Presently, 59% out of the total Canadians are obese and the childhood obesity has been increased from 14% to 29%. It is a serious health issue for children as well as adults. According to Sahoo et al. (2015), females are more obese than males due to various hormonal changes. There are various factors that cause obesity in children like diet, genetics, and lifestyle. Diet is one of the major factor leading to childhood obesity. Firstly, the increasing fashion of junk food rather than healthy food prepared at home is a big point of concern.…show more content…
To begin with, improper sleep is a component that influences obesity. It affects our brain and cause stress in our lives. According to a journal Archives of Disease in Childhood (2016), “Fatigue alter the levels of appetite-regulating hormones, which can cause children to eat more”. So, if children will not get proper sleep, they tend to be more hungry than normal and thus increase their food consumption. Furthermore, lack of physical activity also plays a significant role in causing obesity. According to Sahoo et al. (2015), “opportunities to be physically active and safe environments to be active in have decreased in the recent years” (para 8, p. 189). Most of children in the past either walked or rode on their bikes on their way to school, but it all has been changed due to the introduction of technology. They do not perform any exercises to keep themselves healthier. So, we should perform different exercises at least for half an hour per day because it is very crucial as they helps to decrease the fat deposited in the body and burn excess calories. Finally, sedentary lifestyle or state of inactiveness is another key factor leading to obesity. Due to introduction of various media, kids are becoming more inactive day by day. Children spend most of their time watching television and playing games on computers which makes them sedentary (p. 189). According to Mayo Clinic (2000), people nowadays are more used to…show more content…
Firstly, there are various syndromes that are directly linked to obesity like Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. These are caused when the copies of parent DNA are deleted. In these type of diseases, the rate of fat accumulation in our body and its location for storage is affected by the genes. (Mayo clinic, 2000, p. 22). Secondly, mutations are other cause as sometimes a gene is mutated from a parent DNA which cause alterations and also may be inherited directly if parents are also obese. According to a medical author John Mersch, “if one parent is obese, the likelihood of having an obese child is three times higher than otherwise. If both parents are obese, the likelihood is ten times higher.” Thirdly, body mass index commonly abbreviated as BMI, is another factor leading to childhood obesity. BMI is defined as the mass index of the body which is scientifically measured using the body weight and the height of the concerned individual (MedicineNet, 2017). According to Sahoo et al. (2015), most of the BMI can be inherited from the parents. A person is called obese if he or she has a BMI greater than 30 (Mersch, 2016, para 3). Lastly, all three factors support the fact that genetics also play a major role in causing
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