The Cause Of Mal's Deception

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In this particular scene Cobb explains to Ariadne how his wife died. Ariadne feels that is needs to know why Mal keeps appearing in Cobb’s subconscious. Cobb finally sits Ariadne and explains Mal’s death. It was an experiment, to see if the theory of inception really works. He explains how he implants the idea that Mal’s dream was her reality and she believed it. When Cobb and Mal were ready to return to reality Mal still believed that she was dreaming. She tried to do everything to go back to what she believed was reality or the real world. Cobb enters the hotel room and finds it trashed. He goes to the window to find out what happen. He finds Mal out on the ledge of the window in the room across from the room he was standing. He tries to
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