The Cause Of Medical Leaves

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Below will be the explanation of each factor: Medical Leave Medical leave is one of the highest cause that contributes to staff absenteeism. Being on absent could be genuinely ill or just malingering to avoid work. The report analysis shows that the common cause of medical leaves as follows: • Short-term illness – Employees are unwell to turn-up to work such as fever, cold or others temporary illness which is absent not more than two days. • Serious injuries – Serious injuries refer to long term injuries such as accidents which require to be on medical leave for more than two days or few months. • Medical – Employees which has medical issue’s goes on absent due to medical appointment. • Weather - Surprisingly each year especially during the cold or flu season, the report show there is always an increase of dramatic spike in absenteeism. Employees who are absent might be genuinely unwell or miss using the medical leave which was untitled to them. Personal Reason Taking leave due to personal reason was one of the cause of absenteeism. The report analysis shows that the cause of absence due to personal reasons as follows: • Childcare and eldercare – Employees might be forces to miss work in order to take care of children or elder when normal arrangement with caretaker has fallen through. The need of taking unplanned absence occurs. • Family problem – Some unresolved family problems face by employee’s can influence on absenteeism. The more crucial the family problem is,
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