The Cause Of The French Revolution

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The Cause of the French Revolution
Throughout history, what remains true is that the people are the ones who start a revolution. And when around 98% of a population is suffering to make a living, there is little hope for those in power. Taxes levied only on the common folk, crippling wars that left France with huge debts, and the careless spending of the upper classes ultimately lead to the start of the revolution. The main political cause was that the King had too much power but weak foreign policy leads to economic downturn. The main social cause was that French society was too imbalanced but it was truly economic exploitation of the lower class. The French Revolution had many probable causes, all linked together, but none as important and defining as the economic aspect.
There were social and political causes to the French Revolution but both derived from economic cause. The imbalance of social classes was in part the root of the lower classes hatred towards the upper class. But it was because the lower class had no mobility in French Society that people started looking for change. Moving up in rank or position was nearly impossible and those with power, always had the power. This proved to be troublesome as one 's hard work would not reap any benefits and would still have to pay heavy taxes to provide lavish lives for those in the upper class. As Dr. Gail Bossenga states in his book, Origins of the French Revolution, "perhaps the search for the social origins of the…
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